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Elevator Displays

Genera is a long time supplier of state-of-the-art elevator displays and has a deep understanding of the requirements and challenges of the elevator environment.

Our main focus is to develop highly reliable products that have a long product life and to provide continuing product support and service over the entire product life span. Eye-catching appearance, high quality and innovative design are the key elements of products that suit the demands of modern architecture.

Our product range starts from small 3.5″ indicator displays and extends up to 42″ display size, and uses exclusively TFT LCD technology. The product functionality covers indicator displays, destination control touch panels and Infotainment systems.

The important building block of our products is the flexible software platform that supports various control electronics platforms used in different products.

Basic Indicator Displays

Epsilon-family of displays

Epsilon is the family name for basic indicator displays with different display sizes and controller features. The final product is always a tailored combination of elevator interface, controller and display.

The EpsilonColor platform offers indicator display functionality with displays up to 10.4″ size. These products have a USB update option that enables adding user specified content, such as pictures and text, using a USB stick.

  • Graphical programming with Windows-based design tool.
  • Binary, RS232 and SPI interfaces available.
  • Landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Audible gong interface for 8 ohm speaker.
  • Extensive localization support, up to 40 simultaneous languages including
  • support for Russian, Chinese and Arabic.
  • Content and configuration update using RS232 or USB stick (option).

Advanced Indicators and Infotainment

On-line information

The InfoScreen product line offers indicator information combined with modern Infotainment features. This solution gives the possibility to link information and media to elevator position and movement, creating dynamic elevator displays.

Typical applications include tenant information and advertising for current floor, floor maps and guidance, etc. Normal advertising, live or uploaded video and TV streams are also supported. Content update is performed either “online” over LAN connection using a standard browser or “offline” using a USB stick.

A design statement

Modern destination control systems require new types of equipment to provide fast and fluid elevator calls in high traffic environments. These devices are usually placed in prominent places in lobbies and landings where a high level of mechanical design and quality is paramount.

Genera provides electronic platform controls either separately for 3rd party integration or integrated with tailored mechanics according to customer needs and requirements.

  • PC or Arm CPU based control electronics depending on application.
  • Linux operating system, Windows Embedded available for PC based versions.
  • External keypad option to fulfil accessibility regulations.
  • Passive cooling, no fans.

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